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Our policy is the vendors who have participated in the previous year (s) have first preference for a space the current year, and those requesting a space will be put on a waiting list for the current year and must re-apply each year. Insurance certificates must be submitted with application listing the Orange Festival as additional insured. If you do not have insurance, you must purchase coverage from the Orange Festival.


For a full list of rules and regulations for all Commercial, Novelty Craft, Industrial Vendors and the Farmers Market please download the our Vendor Booklet

For More Information Please Contact the Following Orange Festival Committees Listed Below:

Food & Alchoholic Beverage Booths:


These vendors are those who sell food and drink items. All spaces are approximately 10' x 10' with a selling and work counter provided. Food vendors are set up under one huge Food Tent. If you have a concession trailer, you must contact the Fair Manager for arrangements to set up. The Orange Festival Association sells all Soft Drinks, Beer, Water, Orange Juice, and Hot Chocolate. Other drinks to be sold must be approved by the Association. Local school or civic groups sell these items for the Orange Festival Association.


For more information email us at

Commercial Novelty Booths:


These vendors are those that sell merchandise they purchased to resell. Each booth space is 10' x 10' in size of ground space only. Vendors must supply their own tents, chairs, display tables, extension cords, etc.


For more information email us at

Industrial Vendors:


Display Vendors are provided with ground space of 10’ x 10’ to advertise their business and display items. NO ITEMS CAN BE SOLD FROM DISPLAY BOOTHS. ALL VENDORS MUST HAVE THEIR OWN TENTOR COVERING.


For more information email us at

Arts & Crafts Booths:


These vendors must sell items that are handmade. Items that were purchased for resale cannot be sold in the Arts and Crafts Booths.


For more information email us at

Friday, Dec. 1 (Carnival Only) - Sat Dec. 2 and Sun. Dec. 3, 2023
At Historic Fort Jackson in Buras, Louisiana

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